Eliminating the dangers of harmful bacteria is an ongoing challenge for the healthcare industry. Any surface or material can be at risk of contamination.

The antibacterial properties of SILVERbac help to combat pathogens such as E. coli and MRSA, creating a safer environment for medical procedures. SILVERbac can be incorporated across a variety of substrates, from scrubs to sheets, and even into technical equipment.


The bacteria contained within sweat can ruin a garment, pair of shoes or vital accessory by causing discolouration and malodour.

Unpleasant odours caused by sweat can be immediately noticed in fabrics, and harmful bacteria can embed itself into the fibres creating a “permastink”. SILVERbac is antibacterial, so it helps to extend the useful life of products within activewear and sportswear.


Items of fashion and every day clothing are pristine when first purchased, but can quickly discolour or start to smell because of the presence of the bacteria caused by sweat.

Many garments also require delicate care, and so can only be washed at low temperatures or by hand. SILVERbac is antibacterial, so it helps to eliminate the unpleasant effects caused by sweat without the need for high temperature laundry.


The hospitality industry is reliant on the regular laundry of textiles such as bed sheets, pillowcases and towels. Chefs’ whites and other workwear also need to be cleaned in a way which kills bacteria and eliminates odour.

The inherent antibacterial properties of SILVERbac provide highly efficacious protection from microorganisms, meaning products can be washed at lower temperatures – saving money and helping to protect the environment.


We take pride in the cleanliness of our homes. However, we are often unaware of the harmful bacteria that can multiply and spread on various surfaces – creating potential health risks.

Many surfaces and materials, from dishcloths to mattresses, are never disinfected – even though they may be breeding grounds for bacteria. Being inherent in its application, SILVERbac is effective for the useful life of the product. The antibacterial properties of the technology means products can be washed at lower temperatures, potentially saving vast sums in energy usage.


Whether travelling for business or pleasure, it’s often hard to predict exactly what to take. It’s equally hard to know whether you’ll have the time or the opportunity to wash any of the items you take.

Harmful bacteria gathered through surface contact, and the odours cause by sweat, can pose health issues and create unpleasant problems. The antibacterial properties of SILVERbac provide high levels of protection even without washing, so you can safely and confidently use or wear everything you packed before you left home.


Mobile phones can carry as many germs as a toilet seat or bathroom door handle. Remote controls and laptops are also notorious for carrying high numbers of bacteria.

Incorporating SILVERbac into the base materials of electronic devices provides antibacterial protection, eliminating harmful bacteria and microorganisms and keeping devices clean and safe.

Medical Devices

The dangers of harmful bacteria being present on medical devices can’t be understated. A sterile environment is vital during and after surgery, ensuring a high level of patient safety.

Being highly efficacious, the antibacterial properties of SILVERbac eliminate harmful pathogens and microorganisms keeping all devices clean and safe to use.

Pet Products

Pet bedding is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria which transfers back and forth between the materials and the skin and fur of your pet.

Unless washed frequently, bedding will be unclean and can quickly smell unpleasant too. Incorporating SILVERbac into the bedding materials provides antibacterial protection, eliminating harmful microorganisms. This reduces the need for laundering and removes unpleasant odours.


We’ve all experienced the smell of bad socks. Sweaty feet and moist, dark shoes are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and that’s what brings about the malodour.

SILVERbac is antibacterial so it kills the harmful microorganisms which would normally thrive in socks. This eliminates odours, enabling freshness during and after wear, and extending the useful life of the product.


Denim is a naturally beautiful material which improves with age. But excess washing can cause it to age prematurely, and remove too much of the original colour.

SILVERbac is antibacterial, so it reduces the odours created by sweat during daily wear. This means your jeans can be laundered less frequently, extending their life and enabling them to age naturally.