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Outstanding Infection Control

We don’t build macerators to chop up pulp. We build macerators so you have a reliable tool to help you control the spread of infection.
Macerators that meet the demands of the NHS We understand the pressures you face.
You’re working to prevent and control the spread of HAIs.
You’re managing budgets that are tight – and may be getting tighter.

And of course, you’re helping frontline staff provide the best possible quality of care.
We’re with you every step of the way As you know, it’s well-established that macerating pulp can be an effective part of any hospital’s strategy to control rates of HAIs. All macerators help you do this. Up to a point.
Because every time a macerator breaks down, the risk of an infection spreading goes up. So key to a macerator’s effectiveness is its reliability.
Haigh’s pulp macerators are the most reliable you can buy.
The most reliable machines give you greater infection control – and improved continuity of care Our machines break down less than those of our competitors. In fact, with one of our service contracts (and as long as your staff treat them properly) they may never break down at all.

Designed and built today for the years to come

quattro is safe and easy to use

• Light touch, controlled opening with optional foot pedal for hands-free use
• Wide hopper for safe loading
• Automatic start on closing
• Safe for use with any pulp products
• Even pressure around the lid seal stops leaks of liquid, aerosols or odour

quattro supports patient comfort

• As quiet as a shower running
• Macifresh ™ auto-deodoriser for a pleasant scent

quattro is economical

• Cold water only
• Less than two minutes per cycle

quattro is quick and easy to service

• Access from top and front
• Clear LCD panel for instant fault finding and quick fault-fixing

optional extras include:

• Plinths to match the macerator with the drain height
• Floor plate for mounting without drilling a sealed floor or where there is underfloor heating
• Plumbing kits, including overflows
• Site surveys, installations and training
• Service contracts with discounts on spares


Quattro keeps your drains owing as it releases pulp gradually, throughout its cycle, through tiny slots in the bottom of the drum. These stop large particles or foreign objects passing into the drain.
At the precise moment in the cycle when the most pulp is discharged, Quattro diverts some of the water from the drum to flush the drain outlet and keep it owing freely.
This action is such a fundamental part of Quattro’s reliable performance we’ve taken the trouble to patent it. We call it Premium Flow.


Quattro is:

32% smaller, with a 20% lower loading height …because nurses told us they wanted a more compact machine.

Quattro uses:

19% less energy …to help you cut your carbon emissions and your costs.

Quattro has:

10+ years expected life 3 Year Warranty as standard.


Quattro’s smooth, curved surfaces are free from dirt traps and are easy to wipe clean.
Because of its compact size it can also be positioned away from the walls making it easy to clean all around.
And, as its ABS plastic and rubber surfaces have built-in Biomaster silver anti- bacterial technology, it has lifetime protection against the growth of bacteria.


Maximum Load 4 bedpans or urine bottles, 2 washbowls
Loading Height 784 mm
Depth x Width 524 x 411 mm
Overall Height 908 mm
Footprint 0.215 m2
Dry Weight 59 kg
Motor 600 w. Pump 125 w
Electrical Supply All options available
Cycle Time(s) Configurable from 82 to 114 seconds
Energy Use 0.01 KWh per cycle
Water Use Configurable from 17 to 23 litres per cycle
Drain Height 190 to 220 mm / Diameter 50mm
Overflow Height 604 mm / Diameter 21.5mm