How it works


How it works

SILVERbac is an inherent, eco-friendly, antibacterial technology. Learn more about what it does and how it works.

Key Points


SILVERbac protects you and your products from pathogens like E. coli and MRSA, reducing the effect of bacteria-based odours from sweat. It also reacts to a uniquely configured detector, securing your brand against counterfeiting.


SILVERbac poses no harm to health. Extensive tests carried out and validated by an independent International Antimicrobial Council laboratory have proven the technology to be skin safe and non-toxic.


SILVERbac is applied directly to your manufacturing process as a master batch, and is encapsulated directly into polymers, so the final product is antimicrobial for the life of the product. It doesn’t wash out, even when laundered at medical grade temperatures in excess of 60ºC, therefore retaining its antimicrobial effect for the life of the product.


SILVERbac does not leach out and is permanently trapped, posing no threat to the environment. No additional water or harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. Additionally products containing SILVERbac require less washing at lower temperatures, further supporting the care of the environment.


SILVERbac has no adverse effect on the characteristics of a fabric. Some antimicrobial technologies impact surface touch and appearance and are unable to achieve a full spectrum of colours. Some also require process modifications including additional cure and yarn-dyeing which can increase costs. SILVERbac does not affect the touch or feel of the fabric and does not require any process modifications.


SILVERbac is one of the most efficacious antimicrobial technologies on the market, extensively tested and validated to medical grade standards by independent laboratories for medical grade standards.


SILVERbac has been extensively tested through an International Antimicrobial Council accredited laboratory – ensuring the highest quality in antimicrobial testing.

Vital Statistics

SILVERbac offers outstanding, permanent antimicrobial effectiveness. E. coli and MRSA are eliminated by 99.66%

Fabrics containing SILVERbac were tested against a control specimen (untreated) and measured for overall reduction in bacteria

SILVERbac is proven to have in-built life time performance

Ions are released making the product highly effective, and the non-leaching properties ensure the product is entirely safe for the environment

SILVERbac technology is proven entirely safe, having been certified as bio-compatible and non-toxic, passing tests for Cytoxicity, Skin-irritation and Sensitization

All testing has been independently performed by an International Antimicrobial Council certified laboratory