ABG Systems

Imagine keeping track of every textile your facility has?

In a time like this, keeping track of textiles your facility owns is a whole new level of difficulty. The constant need to keep them clean and ready is a must, along it comes the struggle of keeping them in track and in schedule. Although mistake happens, ABG system guarantee much efficient monitoring and managing your processes and services through IOT. ABG system is the future of traceability and identification.

One, the intelligent software that communicates with you

Embedded with any White solution, One lets you administrate all the information, distribution flows and data regarding each item.
You have everything constantly under control from any internet devices.
Extraordinarily intuitive and user-friendly, One interacts with you and, also, advises optimization and improvement for your
inventory administrations.


The distribution of scrubs and uniforms has never been so easy

Automatic, instant and efficient, White C delivers scrubs and uniforms hygienically and individually, guaranteeing a reliable and immediate traceability.

WHITE C – Basket

Return soiled workwear anytime hygienically

Functional and elegant, White Basket is an automatic collector for soiled items that is adaptable to different operational environments in the diverse sectors.

WHITE C – Clogs

Sanitized footwear always available in a protected environment

Practical and essential, White Clogs is dedicated to the clogs distribution in hospitals; developed for wherever the use of sanitized footwear is needed to fulfil the operating procedures and hygiene regulations.


The flexibility and modularity to indulge all your demands

White Box is the most versatile system for the controlled distribution and collection of uniforms, flat linens, sterile kits, clogs and etc. hygienically.


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