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ABG Systems

Imagine keeping track of every textile your facility has?

In a time like this, keeping track of textiles your facility owns is a whole new level of difficulty. The constant need to keep them clean and ready is a must, along it comes the struggle of keeping them in track and in schedule. Although mistake happens, ABG system guarantee much efficient monitoring and managing your processes and services through IOT. ABG system is the future of traceability and identification.

Internet of Things: a ground-breaking solution in the laundering and maintenance industry

Look Up is the first IoT (Internet of Things) application in the laundry, maintenance (and quality control) that helps you keep track of the product status from your smartphone in a bunch of seconds.

A real breakthrough in the maintenance processes of all the items in need of regular monitor and certified maintenance.

Patented back in 2014, this innovative platform helps you achieve unparalleled efficiency and simplification: the future is now.

The convenience of cloud, the simplicity of the smartphone

Look Up seamlessly fits your day-to-day operations and requires no installation. Available as SaaS (Software as a Service), this platform combines Cloud architecture technologies with the potential of latest-generation smartphones.

All the information about traceability, instrumental control and maintenance is gathered in a cloud platform, easily accessible from the Web.

The Look Up App available for Android and OSX, lets you access all the information stored in the cloud from your PC, via WebAPP and from your staff’s and your own smartphone.

Managing the stock, monitoring the textiles, products  and workwear has never been so easy

ABG Systems manufactures various types of RFid Tags that allow you track any product or textile. These RFid Tags will generate data about each individual product, which will help increase the efficiency and oversight of your logistic process.

What is a RFid Tag?

It is a passive electronic device that can be sewn onto any garment with the ability to withstand any industrial laundering process.

We manufacture all our Tags at our headquarters in Italy to ensure that the best quality materials are used. This approach helps us guarantee seamless compatibility with our WHITE and READY product lines.

Choose the future to constantly track and monitor your items

The new frontier of traceability: added efficiency for you and value for your customers

Ready is the range of advanced solutions for the traceability and on-going monitoring of textiles and products. The most cutting-edge tracking technologies to monitor the usage, the number of washes and the status of any garment or product used in your facility and much more.

Easily and smartly manage a growing number of complex products, from your structure to the destination site.

You are about to experience a new, more reliable, more effective control concept.

Intelligent dispensers operated by the most cutting-edge automation and identification

Manage, monitor, distribute and collect every garment automatically: new efficiency, safety and hygiene standards brought to you, your staff and products.

A ground-breaking automated distribution concept, developed and optimized over a 10-year timeframe empowering you to stay ahead of the future management of whatever type of textile or product calling for sanitization, monitoring or traceability.

  • garments
  • folded garments
  • garments on-hanger
  • clogs
  • linens
  • accessories

The most comprehensive and advanced range of solutions for the automated distribution and retrieval of textiles and accessories ever in the market


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