Change the way your healthcare professionals think about and manage disinfection. As successes brought to healthcare are increasingly being adopted by leaders in hospitality, transportation and many other businesses as they confront the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic along with other deadly pathogens.

Proving Our Technology Over Time

  • 70% reduction in ICU C. diff infection rates1
  • 53% reduction in C. diff infection rates2
  • 57% reduction in MRSA infection rates3
  • 100% elimination of VRE in isolation rooms4

Pulsed UV Dose-Response effect

Key factors consistent in all the pulsed-xenon outcome research:
– Every room was disinfected in multiple positions
– Every room was treated for C. difficile
– None of the hospitals only treated isolation rooms

Reduces infection-causing pathogens

100% reduction SSIs
70% reduction C.diff
57% reduction MRSA


XENEX Overview 2017
Xenex Summ – Effectiveness Studies
LS Xenex OR Sheet 032116