Look Up

Internet of Things: a ground-breaking solution in the laundering and maintenance industry

Look Up is the first IoT (Internet of Things) application in the laundry, maintenance (and quality control) that helps you keep track of the product status from your smartphone in a bunch of seconds.

A real breakthrough in the maintenance processes of all the items in need of regular monitor and certified maintenance.

Patented back in 2014, this innovative platform helps you achieve unparalleled efficiency and simplification: the future is now.

The convenience of cloud, the simplicity of the smartphone

Look Up seamlessly fits your day-to-day operations and requires no installation. Available as SaaS (Software as a Service), this platform combines Cloud architecture technologies with the potential of latest-generation smartphones.

All the information about traceability, instrumental control and maintenance is gathered in a cloud platform, easily accessible from the Web.

The Look Up App available for Android and OSX, lets you access all the information stored in the cloud from your PC, via WebAPP and from your staff’s and your own smartphone.