Next Generation Needle Disposal

NeedleSmart has developed a market-leading technology that heats hypodermic needles into a molten state, prior to compressing it into a ball. The process takes just a fraction of a second to create a safe, sealed sphere of sterile metal that is no longer sharp!

How Does BioShield Work?

01- Silver has been used for millennia to reduce the effects of harmful pathogens, way back to Alexander the Great who transported water in silver vessels as away of keeping that water fresh.
02- Pure silver ionizes whether it’s wet or dry. When in contact with water or oxygen ions of silver are emitted and these ions are attracted to the charge on microbes.
03- The silver acts by effecting the respiratory and reproduction processes of the microbes and by altering the DNA.
04- These multiple assaults result in the reduction of microbes on surfaces and products powered by BioShield.
05- Because BioShield is encapsulated within the base polymer of products it will continue to be effective for the useful life of the products. It won’t be washed away during laundering and because it is encapsulated the look and feel of products is in no way effected.

Application in healthcare

BioShield is perfect in healthcare to provide additional protection against pathogens including MRSA and e-Coli
Small amounts of BioShield polyester fiber are blended with regular polyester or cotton and spun in to yarns.
The BioShield yarns are then woven in to the weft of the fabric providing antimicrobial protection in the whole product. Items may be dyed and finished as normal. BioShield protects your products when dry or when wet, always fighting to reduce the effects of microbes (99,99 %).
BioShield products are safe, long lasting, and comparable in price to non-antimicrobial products.

How Can You Trust BioShield

01 Protection

BioShield provides protection against harmful pathogens.

02 Washing

The protection does not washout

03 Invisible

You cannot see or feel BloShield so products remain the same.

04 Save Energy

BioShield products can be washed at low temperatures saving energy and protecting the environment.

05 Quality Assurance

BioShield uses proof of compliance detectors for quality assurance and brand protection.

06 Tested Products

Fully tested by independent laboratories, universities and institutions.